After trying imported Russian and American zithers, in 2002 Treehouse Music started from scratch and developed a completely new hand-made model that we produced here in Finland for over 20 years in collaboration with woodworker Alf Malm. Similar instruments were not available within the EU.

Time has passed and the situation changed. Starting in autumn 2023, the instrument itself will be produced according to our specifications by a music company within the EU that for many years has made high-class violins, guitars and various folk instruments. The result is actually higher quality but not higher prices. All sheet music will still be created, printed and cut by hand here in Finland. (The size of the notes is slightly larger than in the old model.)

Here on the left our old model and on the right the new:

We still have a few locally-produced zitheroos left in stock – contact us if you are interested! The price is the same for either model.

Here a photo of our woodworker for the last 20 years, Alf Malm: