The Sunflower campaign

By purchasing a zitheroo you have helped the human rights organization BLLF which works against child labor and slavery wherever it occurs and works for every child’s right to education and freedom.

One percent of gross proceeds from zitheroo sales goes direct to the Sunflower campaign supporting BLLF’s schools in Pakistan. You can find out more about this work by visiting their website:

 The Sunflower Campaign
Give a gift that lasts
Buy a sunflower card to celebrate
graduations, weddings, birthdays and give a child in Pakistan a chance to go to school.

Included in your gift is at least 2 months of education for a child in a BLLF Apna-school in Pakistan for freed child slaves.

You decide how much the gift is worth – the sum you wish to donate and thus the number of months of education you support:

  • 6 euro€s provides a child with 2 months of education
  • 15 €euros pays for 6 months
  • 30 euro€s pays for a full year.

Where to get Sunflower campaign cards:

– Emmaus-Westervik, Tallmovägen 18, 10600 Ekenäs, open Mon-Fri 11-17, Sat 10-14

– Luckan in Åbo/Turku, Auragatan 1 B, 20100 Åbo, (02) 233 1986,

– Luckan in Helsinki, Simonsgatan 8, 00100 Helsinki, 0207 – 738 400,,

– Luckan Raseborg, Torggatan 3, 10300 Karis, 044 0170176,

You can also contact us at +358-40-7767431