Schools / Institutions

We try to support schools and institutions with advice and information. Please contact us if you desire help of some kind, songs with harmony parts, etc.

Payment:  Normal billing for schools and institutions (payment due within 14 days), not C.O.D.

Purchasing multiple instruments?  Our instrument price (basic package) is always the same but with purchases of more than 5 instruments come accessories:

  • 5+ instruments: free Korg CA-2 chromatic tuner (electronic tuner)
  • 10+ instruments: free Korg CA-2 + handy T-tuning key with wooden grip + 1 transposer per 5 instruments (and you can make up your own song sheet packs)

Make your own song sheet packs. Packs 1 & 2 (in one language) come with each zitheroo, but when purchasing 10+ instruments you may freely choose 12 songs (sent in 10+ copies) instead of ordering the ready made song sheet packs. You can also make up your own song packs whenever ordering at least 10 copies of each pack.

Remember our workshops – see under “workshops”. Let us know your interests and needs and we will put together a suitable program!

Tips for teachers – see under “Advice” / “Tips for teachers” for tips and also details about our handbooks for teachers.