You can learn to tune!

(See also video tutorials)

Remember that the easiest these days is probably to tune using an app (ios/android) such as CLEARTUNE (4 euros) or INSTUNER (free).

As with all stringed instruments, you will need to tune the zitheroo now and then, so you might as well learn to tune your zitheroo from the start. How often you will need to tune will depend on temperature and humidity changes, how much it is played, if children have been tugging on the strings, etc. Tuning should really be the only regular care the instrument needs!

A simple tuning tool is included in the basic package. 

It is considerably easier to tune using a T-shaped tuning tool (see picture) but it costs a bit more and is included in all but the basic package (it can be ordered as an accessory of course – see the price list). Some kantele or zither tuning tools may also fit the zitheroo.

Remember that only VERY SLIGHT ADJUSTMENTS are needed when you tune. You may want to start by tuning up slightly (clockwise) and then adjust as needed. It is a good idea to push down on the string to make sure the adjustment affects the whole string. And do make sure to pluck the string whenever you are adjusting the tuning peg so that you (and the chromatic tuner if you use one) will notice any changes immediately.

If you find tuning difficult perhaps you can ask a musical friend to help. Treehouse Music always offers free tuning but only locally. If you pay all shipping we can of course tune instruments sent to us. (And we will replace a broken string free of charge if you pay shipping.)

You receive an electronic tuner free of charge with the purchase of 5 or more instruments.
With a little practice you will soon learn to tune. The most suitable electronic tuner at present we think is the Korg CA-2 chromatic tuner (see picture).

You can buy a tuner in any music shop, but make sure you get a “chromatic” one with all notes, not a guitar tuner with only 6 notes.