There are some 250 songs available. Just order by the name of the song packet. The price per package depends on the number of packages you order (see price list). Each song package contains at least 6 songs in color printed on 160 gram paper with lyrics, chords, and illustrations.

Note! Package 1 and 2 (in one language) come with every instrument.

(For schools and institutions: when purchasing 10+ instruments you may freely choose 12 songs (sent to you in 10+ copies) instead of keeping to the given packages 1 and 2. And any time more than 10 copies of each song are ordered, songs may be freely chosen and not limited to the given packages.)

If you need songs for visually-impaired players, let us know.

Can’t find your favorite songs? Maybe they are protected by copyright and we don’t have the right to print them, but with our own invention the “Transposer” even those who consider themselves musically illiterate (above 8 years of age or so) can take a songbook (visit your local library!) and write out and play songs on the zitheroo! Read more about it under “Advice” and watch the youtube video.

Remember that you can download model songsheets in the right size (as a pdf) here from the website.

Naturally, we also encourage you to create your own compositions! (more tips under “Advice”)