Price list

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All prices include VAT 24% / 10%. Prices updated 19.8.2023

You can save 6,80 euros in postal costs (the COD fee including tax for instrument orders by individuals) if you request a reference number when you order and pay ahead of time.

Below are some package offers, but you can of course order the basic package and add song sheets and accessories as you wish.

The BASIC PACKAGE (95 €) includes the instrument, 12 song sheets (song package 1 & 2 in one language), a simple tuning tool, extra string, box. Note! 3 new sheets are now included: the note-key, chord-key, and kantele-key.

The MOVE AHEAD PACKAGE (119 €) includes everything in the basic package + a handy T-shaped tuning tool with a wooden grip + the transposer with which you yourself can transfer favorite songs from songbooks to zitheroo song sheets + the Christmas song sheet package with 10 songs (or choose among our other songsheets).

The MOVE AHEAD PACKAGE WITH (in total) 70 SONGS (154 €) includes everything in the move-ahead package + 8 song sheet packages of your choice (look for available songs under “Songs”).

The COMPLETE PACKAGE (172 €) includes everything in the move-ahead package with 70 songs + a Korg CA-2 chromatic electronic tuner. You choose 8 song sheet packages (see under “Songs”).

Note! You can always add a Korg CA-2 chromatic tuner (elektronic tuner) to your order for 19 €.


  • Handy T-shaped tuning tool with wooden grip 8,50 €

  • Korg CA-2 chromatic tuner 19 €

  • Transposer (with some model song sheets) 9,00 €

  • Simple tuning tool 4,00 €
  • Picks 1 €  (7 € / 10 picks)

Shipping costs for accessories and song sheets: No extra shipping costs if ordered at the same time as instruments.

Are you buying several instruments? We try to support schools and institutions with advice and information – see under “Schools/institutions”. With orders of at least 5 instruments our price per instrument is the same (basic package) but you get accessories:

  • 5+ instruments: free Korg CA-2 chromatic electronic tuner
  • 10+ instruments: free Korg CA-2 + handy T-shaped tuning tool with wooden grip + 1 transposer per 5 instruments (and you can compose your own song sheet packages – more under “Schools/institutions”)

(prices = current postal service prices + VAT)

Number of instruments       Prepayment             COD (6,20€ =5,50+VAT)

  • 1 pc                                              8,50 €                        15,40 €
  • 2 pcs                                         11,00 €                        17,80 €
  • 3 pcs                                         13,50 €                        20,30 €
  • 4-5 pcs                                    17,25 €                         24,00 €
  • 6+ pcs                according to post office prices

Sent through the postal service. Contact us if you want shipment through matkahuolto.


Package 1 & 2 (in one language) are always included when you order a zitheroo (when ordering 10+ instruments you can make up your own song packages from available songs – more under “Schools/institutions”)

  •  1-2 packages      6,50 €/package
  • 3-4 packages      6,00 €/package
  • 5-9 packages      5,50 €/package
  • 10+ packages     5,00 €/package

(Note: The Christmas package is always 9,50 €)

SHIPPING COSTS (first class/priority) for SONG PACKAGES:

(no extra shipping costs if song packages ordered together with instruments)

  • 1  – 4 packages             4,50 €       (Finland)
  • 5 –  8 packages             9,20 €


Usually you pay when picking up the package at the post office (COD). Schools and institutions are billed (payment due within 14 days).

You can avoid the COD fee if you ask for a reference number when you order and then prepay. Payment may not show up on our account for 2-3 days, but you can speed things up by sending a copy of your payment by E-mail.

Our bank account is at Osuuspankki/Andelsbanken Raseborg

IBAN: FI53 5549 6620 0253 65