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Send an E-mail! The easiest way to order instruments, songs, and accessories is by E-mail:

You can also call Jonathan at +358-40-5166779

Our address is Västervikvägen 139, 10600 Ekenäs, Finland, but please call ahead.

Most orders are sent by mail. We normally sell by post order, avoiding the extra costs of middlemen.


Customers in Finland normally pay at the post office when receiving packages. Schools and institutions are billed (payment due within 14 days).

You can avoid the extra postal fee if you ask for a reference number and pay ahead of time. Payment may not show up in our bank for 2-3 days, but you can send a copy of the payment by E-mail to speed things up.

Our bank account is at Osuuspankki/Andelsbanken Raseborg

IBAN: FI53 5549 6620 0253 65     


Tell about your own experiences! I am also very interested in learning about your experiences with the zitheroo—Who plays? When? What? How? The zitheroo has been used in many different contexts and by people of various ages. I am interested in how we humans engage with music and music-making, and am also happy to receive tips on ways to improve and develop the instrument and song sheets.

Our old schoolhouse from 1903: